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President's Award for Outstanding Performance in Administrative Services (Team Award)

( )The President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Administrative Services was established to recognise and reward University staff members, individually and in teams, who demonstrate exemplary performance in areas such as administration, information technology, project management, outreach and other support functions not directly related to teaching and research. To support the University’s successful achievement of its “Education-plus” vision, the Department of Psychology and Faculty of Education and Human Development Team worked diligently to complete two challenging, high-stake exercises, namely the Re-accreditation of Programme of the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology [BSocSc(Psy)], and Programme Area Accreditation (PAA) in Psychology. The achievements represent an important milestone in the University’s pursuit of full self-accrediting status for disciplines complementary to education.

Recipient: CHENG, Wing Yi Rebecca 鄭穎怡 [PS]   BUCHTEL, Emma Ellen Kathrina 蒲安梅 [CPH,PS]   POON, Ching Yan 潘靜欣 [FEHD]   FOK, Ji Ni, Sherjina 霍尊妮 [FEHD]   WONG, Wai Ting 黃瑋婷 [REG]  
Conferred by: The Education University of Hong Kong
Date of receipt: 14/5/2018

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