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English Phonological Patterns of Chinese Learners and Intelligibility Judgment by Listeners of Different Language Backgrounds

The major goals of this proposal are: (a) to investigate multiple aspects of English phonological patterns spoken by Chinese speakers, and (b) to explore the nonnative speakers' (NNS) perceptual judgments of intelligibility in English. Two groups of Chinese subjects, Hong Kongers and Taiwanese, will be recruited to produce a long English text. Twenty listeners of various L1 language backgrounds (British English, American English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Tagalog) will transcribe the test utterances in a self-paced speech recognition task, and judge the intelligibility and the strength of foreign accent. From this data base it will be possible to estimate realistic intelligibility of Chinese accented English, and also to explore the effects of the listener’s language background in interaction with their comprehension proficiency in English. Implications for English language teaching and testing, particularly pronunciation pedagogy in TESOL teacher training programs are discussed.

Commencement Date : 2010/1
Completion Date : 2010/6
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr CHEN, Hsueh Chu 陳雪珠 [CLE,LML]

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