Project Details

Choral Jazz Performance Practices

The current project is built on the success of the HKIEd Choral Jazz Festival-A Taste of Choral Jazz, an Academic Exchange Project supported by the faculty. The Festival was organized by HKIEd with Bulter University and New Territories School Heads Association as the co-organizers. Over 600 choristers from 23 local primary and secondary schools were participated in the festival. Based on this successful experience the current project is a follow up initiative. Dr. Tim Brimmer, Associate Professor, Music Director of Jordan Jazz, Vocal Jazz Activities Director of Jordan College from Butler University and three Jazz musicians including a keyboard, double bass and rhythm section players will be invited. HKIEd chorus is going to join the overseas choral Jazz experts to rehearse and perform in the demonstration workshops and gala concerts for local community, primary and secondary schools. The organized events are tailor-made for HKIEd students, school music teachers, choristers, parents and public for them to taste the joy of choral Jazz singing.

Commencement Date : 2010/7
Completion Date : 2010/7
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr WONG, Wai Ying Paulina 黃慧英 [CCA]
Keyword(s) : Choral Jazz  

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