Project Details

English timing patterns of Chinese learners: Evidence from acoustic measures and perceptual judgments

The major goals of this project are: (a) to investigate the English speech rhythm patterns produced by English speakers and Chinese speakers with different dialect backgrounds through examining both acoustic measures and perceptual ratings given by native and nonnative English listeners, and (b) to identify critical variables that affect native and nonnative listeners’ perceptions of foreign accents. Two major studies will be conducted to investigate the rhythm patterns of non-native speech production and native/nonnative listeners’ perception. An acoustic study designed to measure and compare six rhythm patterns will be conducted. Based on the findings, the temporal perception model of foreign accent, proposed by Chen (2010) will further be re-evaluated. The phonetic and phonological factors that weigh most heavily on native speaker reactions to nonnative speech are better accounted for in this model. By re-testing this model, it can increase the understanding of interlanguage phonetics and phonology, second language acquisition, interaction between perception and production of foreign accented speech, and psycholinguistics, and further bridge the gap among them.

Commencement Date : 2011/1
Completion Date : 2012/4
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr CHEN, Hsueh Chu 陳雪珠 [CLE,LML]

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