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Issues and Challenges of Cross-border School Commuters

The main objectives of this research are: 1) To explore the current policies and social developments related to cross-border education and family. 2) To examine issues related to care-taking strategies, travelling parent-child relationships and educational experiences of cross-border school children. 3) On the basis of the findings, develop a more in-depth study to examine the diverse issues faced by cross-border families.

Commencement Date : 2011/1
Completion Date : 2011/5
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr CHAN, Kit Wa Anita 陳潔華 [SSC]
Co-Investigator(s) : NGAN LOK SUN, LUCILLE 顏樂燊 *
Keyword(s) : cross-border   primary school students  

*Investigator from an outside institution/organization

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