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Information and Communication Technologies in Teacher Education: Capacity Building of Asian Teacher Education Institutions

In the face of globally rapid technological and economic developments, teacher education institutions (TEIs) in Asia are challenged to prepare teachers who are open to new ideas, open to new practices and information and communication technologies (ICT). The pre-service teacher education programs in these institutions play a crucial role in preparing such quality teachers for schools during their apprenticeship phase. In such a background, this project aims to: (1)Examine and document good practices of integrating ICT in pre-service teacher education programs in Southeast Asia;(2)Compare the socio-cultural contexts of different TEIs; and(3)Examine the support mechanisms for ICT in teacher education in these TEIs. The key findings of this project would inform the development and implementation of a toolkit that builds the capacity of Asian TEIs to support ICT in teacher education. This toolkit may include a conceptual framework that is made up of the strategic dimensions and their supporting resources (case studies with exemplars, videos of interviews and classroom/program activities, strategic planning templates, and course and program outlines). An online learning community may then be set up to support the use of the toolkit first among the selected TEIs and eventually, other TEIs in the eight countries and beyond.

Commencement Date : 2011/1
Completion Date : 2013/5
Chief Investigator(s) : Prof LIM, Cher Ping 林質彬 [C&I,FEHD]

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