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Fostering a mobile learning community: The use of mobile technologies in studying subject knowledge through English in tertiary education in Hong Kong

This project intends to achieve the following objectives: 1). Identifying creative and effective use of mobile technologies in learning subject knowledge through English; 2). Investigating how such mobile learning helps to enhance students’ subject and English learning through guided self-reflection; 3). Helping students to conduct critical evaluations of their mobile learning and make strategic efforts to address weak areas in both their subject knowledge and their English; 4). Building a community of mobile learning among tertiary students and academic/teaching staff and motivating them to use mobile technologies in learning and teaching EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) courses; 5). Discussing EMI and EAP (English for Academic Purposes) related issues and offering pedagogical suggestions on mobile learning/teaching of subject knowledge through English for both teachers and students; 6). Sustaining the community members’ interest in using mobile technologies in learning and teaching through regular sharing of members’ successful experience.

Commencement Date : 2013/4
Completion Date : 2015/6
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr MA, Qing 馬清 [LML]
Co-Chief Investigator(s) : Dr WANG, Lixun 王立勛 [FHM,LML]
Co-Investigator(s) : Prof LIM, Cher Ping 林質彬 [C&I,FEHD]
Prof KONG, Siu Cheung 江紹祥 [LTTC,MIT]
Keyword(s) : mobile learning   Hong Kong   tertiary education   English   community  

#Investigator who had served in EdUHK

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