Project Details

A keyword study of novice and expert researchers’ research reports related to anguage studies/education

The proposed project builds on two one-million-word EAP corpora specialising in language studies/education. This project makes use of two distinct EAP corpora: (1) an EAP learner corpus, collected from student assignments on linguistics or language education-related courses in an English department in a Hong Kong tertiary institution; (2) an EAP expert corpus, put together from published international journal articles or book chapters related to language studies or education. Using both the syntactically and semantically tagged corpora and focusing on one sub-component, i.e. ELT research (about 200,000 words in each component), keyword searches (available in WordSmith) will be performed in order to identify a list of separate keywords and key phrases pertinent to either the novice or expert researchers. Based on these initial statistical results, further qualitative analysis will be carried out at the semantic, syntactical and discourse levels with the view to revealing the difference systematically between the two types of researchers in terms of both linguistic features and research content.

Commencement Date : 2014/3
Completion Date : 2015/3
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr MA, Qing 馬清 [LML]
Co-Investigator(s) : Dr CHIN, Chi On Andy 錢志安 [LML]
Dr LUK, Pei Sui Zoe 陸璧瑞 [LML]

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