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An online self-access Cantonese learning platform for Putonghua speakers

Cantonese has been a lingua franca in Hong Kong since the 19th century. In tertiary education, the intake of mainland students has been growing and these students are encouraged to overcome the language barrier by mastering the local vernacular, Cantonese, in order to survive, understand local culture and make friends with local students, which would make their lives much easier. In the long run their Cantonese proficiency will increase their competitiveness in the career field. The project aims at offering an e-learning platform for non-Cantonese speaking Chinese who want to start learning Cantonese or improve their level of Cantonese with a self-paced manner. With the help of Jyutping Romanization (粵拼), the learning platform will provide a web-based mini-databank, in which words are classified in terms of semantic categories, such as ‘transportation’, ‘fruits’, ‘facial expressions’. Cantonese-Putonghua corresponding phonological rules are reflected in exercise and quizzes in order to facilitate learners’ effective mastery of Cantonese pronunciation.

Commencement Date : 2015/6
Completion Date : 2016/5
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr KATAOKA, Shin 片岡新 [LML]
Co-Investigator(s) : Dr CHIN, Chi On Andy 錢志安 [LML]
Keyword(s) : Cantonese learning   Comparison with Putonghua   e-learning   language autonomy  

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