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Filial Morality: East and West

How far does morality require adult children to make sacrifices on behalf of their aging parents? In this project, I will demonstrate how we may respond to this question by drawing reference to rule-consequentialism, Contractualism, and Confucianism. By using these ethical theories to explain the demands of filial obligations, I believe that we may analyse the strength of reason from various perspectives, and can learn about the demands of filial obligations versus those of other aspects of the adult children’s lives. I think this approach is superior to specific accounts of filial obligations, such as the debt theory, the gratitude theory, the friendship theory, and the special goods theory. These accounts may tell us about the nature of filial obligations, but are weak in explaining the level of moral demands which filial obligations will impose on agents.

Commencement Date : 2014/9
Completion Date : 2016/7
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr SIN, Wai Lam William 冼偉林 [IE]

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