Project Details

Localizing the curriculum of the Education Studies course (Teachers and Teaching in Context) through building ICT support

The project is to evaluate and explore ways to improve a LTTC-funded pilot project which aims at producing locally relevant resources and blended learning strategies for use in the targeted course, as well as to expand the pilot project with further development of locally relevant resources and blended learning strategies.

Commencement Date : 2016/1
Completion Date : 2016/10
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr YUEN, Wai Kwan Gail 袁慧筠 [EPL]
Co-Chief Investigator(s) : Dr LEE, Tai Hoi Theodore 李泰開 [EPL]
Co-Investigator(s) : Dr BRYANT, Darren Anthony [APCLC,EPL]
Dr CHOI, Tae Hee 崔太僖 [EPL]
Keyword(s) : blended learning   teacher professionalism  

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