Project Details

Boundary Interaction: Developing a Science Curriculum to Integrate Learning in the Informal Spaces

The project will be a part of a two-year project focusing on the conceptualization of boundary activity for connecting the merits of learning in informal spaces with formal learning, as relates to inquiry-based science curriculum development. An iterative design and refinement of the boundary activity based on the design-based approach will be conducted together with teacher professional development. With an aim to evaluating the efficiency of the intervention, student and teacher performance will be examined. A lesson package will be shared across schools with the purpose of scaling the innovation at the final stage. In this project, the participants are 16 science teachers and 300 students from 4 junior secondary schools in Hong Kong. The subject domain will be the secondary 1 integrated science in Hong Kong. Mixed research methods will be employed to conduct qualitative data analysis on teaching and learning behaviors in and out of the classroom, and quantitative data analysis on achievement test results, survey results and the relationship among the activity performance, learning artefacts and test achievement. Case study methods will be used to interpret the teacher changes. The research findings will inform science curriculum design and development, science syllabus improvement, science teacher education as well as inspire the pedagogical design of mobile learning.

Commencement Date : 2017/3
Completion Date : 2018/3
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr SUN, Daner 孫丹兒 [MIT]

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