Project Details

What we want for Hong Kong education: Challenges and possible solutions

The project has the following objectives: (1) understanding the opinion and idea of stakeholders in preparation of the upcoming educational reform; (2) sharing generated knowledge with the public; (3) conducting impactful policy research

Commencement Date : 2017/6
Completion Date : 2018/6
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr CHOI, Tae Hee 崔太僖 [EPL]
Co-Chief Investigator(s) : CHIU CHI SHING 趙志成 #
Co-Investigator(s) : Mr HUI, HON WING 許漢榮 [CEN-STUD,EPL]
Dr LO, Wai Yin 羅慧燕 [EPL]
Dr NGAI, Siu Keung George 倪紹強 [EPL]
Dr TANG, Hei Hang Hayes 鄧希恒 [EPL]
Dr YU, Wai Bing 余惠冰 [EPL]
Dr YUEN, Wai Kwan Gail 袁慧筠 [EPL]
Dr YUEN, Wai Wa Timothy 阮衛華 [EPL]
Keyword(s) : Hong Kong education   solutions   challenges   stakeholders   educational reforms from grassroots  

#Investigator who had served in EdUHK

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