Project Details

Positive Psychology and Education Research Program

Positive education and well-being

Commencement Date : 2016/9
Completion Date : 2021/8
Chief Investigator(s) : KING RONNEL BORNASAL 龔仁崇 #
Dr YEUNG, Siu Sze 楊少詩 [FEHD,PS]
Co-Investigator(s) : Dr CHEN, Junjun 陳君君 [EPL]
Dr LAW, Wilbert 羅偉柏 [CPH,PS]
Dr LEE, Wing Sze Wincy 李穎思 [C&I]
Dr YANG, Lan 楊蘭 [C&I,CSENIE]
Dr SONG, Yanjie 宋燕捷 [MIT]
Dr FONG, Wai Tsz Ricci 方蔚子 [C&I]

#Investigator who had served in EdUHK

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