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Creating an Impact: Setting up a Green Skills Hub at the EdUHK

The purpose of this project is to support the Hong Kong government’s resolution to green Hong Kong (in order to decrease carbon emissions) by developing human resources that possess the necessary green skills. The project will thoroughly research the current curriculum greening practices among vocational and professional education and training (VPET) providers in Hong Kong and will simultaneously investigate PVE teacher training practices at the EdUHK, and other universities in the region, with the aim to formulate recommendations for VTC and PVE programs at our university. The results of the research will be disseminated well beyond Hong Kong to enable knowledge transfer by training TVET leaders in the region. The greening of VPET is defined as the development of green skills and the provision of knowledge that eases the transition to green economies and societies (UNESCO, 2016). Greening VPET has been recognized as a means to achieving sustainable development, since professional and vocational education and training underpins many sustainable development goals (SDG) such as UNESCO’s SDGs 4, 6 and 8 that target poverty reduction, job creation and decent work provision. Our proposal is closely aligned with the strategic development of the University (EdUHK’s Strategic Plan 2016-2025 – Nov 2016 draft), which is to emphasize local and regional knowledge transfer, to strengthen the provision of education leadership training, and also to advance digital tools in order to maximize their significant potential for learning, professional development and teaching. The proposed project contributes directly to the university’s internationalization policy and supports the internationalization initiatives of the Faculty of Education and Human Development. It is designed to have a visible impact on the Hong Kong VPET community and in the region (particularly through two networks – UNESCO-UNEVOC centers and RAVTE – Regional Association for Vocational Teacher Education in East and South East Asia) in terms of improving the quality of PVE teacher training and helping VPET institutions in Hong Kong to develop an holistic approach towards greening their curriculum and operations, thereby having a positive impact on the lowering of carbon emissions. All programs at the EdUHK can access the materials developed throughout the project, as generic green skills are an essential part of 21st century skills that are targeted by all teacher-training programs at our university. The area of greening skills is gaining momentum throughout the globe. Green skills projects that have been established in different parts of the world highlight an increased interest in researching this area for the purposes of both knowledge generation and its application to policy and practice. The Third International Congress on TVET in 2012 (Shanghai Consensus) made an explicit recommendation to “include education for ‘green’ economies and ‘green’ societies as a part of TVET qualifications and programs, and advance the ‘greening TVET’ agenda towards low carbon and climate-resilient growth and development”. This project will set up a green skills hub at the UNEVOC Centre (Hong Kong) that will be hosted by EdUHK in order to further advance green skills research and development in Hong Kong and the wider region.

Commencement Date : 2017/7
Completion Date : 2019/10
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr PAVLOVA, Margarita [IE]
Keyword(s) : greening of TVET curriculum   greening of VPET teacher education   green skills hub  

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