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Roads to Better Cantonese: A Reading Program for Homonyms of Putonghua and Cantonese

When learning Cantonese, learners often inclined to over-generalization, and make mistakes in pronunciation. Because of lack of systemic learning in homonyms of Putonghua and Cantonese, it will affect the effectiveness in communication with local people. This project uses connectionism as basic theory, selecting high frequency and co-occurrence words combination to emphasize the relationship between Putonghua and Cantonese. Under emphasizing the internal relationship of homonyms, learners can build up their own vocabularies, and the process of emergent properties will be reinforced. This project expects to have synergistic effect of formal and non-formal learning, by developing a set of asynchronous self-paced Blended Learning materials. Mainland students and international students, through systemic learning in homonyms of Putonghua and Cantonese, can better integrate into local society, nurturing the four core competencies.

Commencement Date : 2018/9
Completion Date : 2019/8
Chief Investigator(s) : Mr CHAU, Lap 周立 [CHL]
Dr KAN, Hon Kin 簡漢乾 [CLE]
Co-Investigator(s) : Miss KEUNG, Shuet 姜雪 [CLE]
Dr LAI, Chi Shing 賴志成 [CHL]
Mr YIP, Sio Kun 葉少權 [CLE]
GAO YU 高與 #
Chong, Wing Yee #
Leung, Wai Mun *
Keyword(s) : Cantonese   Putonghua  

*Investigator from an outside institution/organization
#Investigator who had served in EdUHK

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