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Teaching Development Grant (2018-2019). Productive Failure Meets the Flipped Classroom: An Innovative Pedagogy to Improve Student Learning

University lecturers typically use the direct instruction (DI) approach. Despite the strengths of DI, there is a need for constructivist pedagogy that can enhance content mastery while at the same time optimizing skills for self-regulation, collaboration, and optimal learning. The aim of this project is to apply productive-failure based flipped classroom (PF-FC) instructional design in both teacher education- and non-teacher education courses. PF-FC instructional design synergizes the strengths of productive failure (PF)-a learning design that engages students in generating solutions to novel problems first before teaching them the concept—and the flipped classroom design—which emphasizes the seamless integration of online and face-to-face sessions. The PF-FC instructional design is hypothesized to lead to improved student learning, higher levels of motivation and positive emotions, and improved self-regulation and collaboration skills. The proposed project is closely aligned with the thematic areas of the Teaching and Development Grants on innovative curriculum design, enhancement of learning outcomes, and e-learning. Upon completion of the project, it will have created a new curriculum design, engaged in teacher capacity building, and improved student learning.

Commencement Date : 2018/1
Completion Date : 2019/12
Chief Investigator(s) : KING RONNEL BORNASAL 龔仁崇 #
Co-Investigator(s) : MANU Kapur *
Dr SONG, Yanjie 宋燕捷 [MIT]
Dr FONG, Wai Tsz Ricci 方蔚子 [C&I]
Dr LEE, Wing Sze Wincy 李穎思 [C&I]
Dr DATU, Jesus Alfonso Daep [SEC]
Dr YANG, Lan 楊蘭 [C&I,CSENIE]
Keyword(s) : Flipped classroom   productive failure   productive failure based flipped classroom   student motivation   self-regulation  

*Investigator from an outside institution/organization
#Investigator who had served in EdUHK

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