Project Details

Economic Resilience to Climate-inducted Disasters in Southern Coastal China: What Determine Household's and Business' Preparedness for Catastrophic Flooding and Extreme Weather?

This study addresses the pressing need for preparedness of small businesses in the Southeast Asia region for natural disasters. The study will investigate what factors and how they contribute to small businesses owners’ propensity to make preparation for extreme weather events, notably flooding and typhoons (tropical cyclone).

Commencement Date : 2020/6
Completion Date : 2022/6
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr PEI, Qing 裴卿 [SSC]
Co-Investigator(s) : Prof JIM, Chi Yung 詹志勇 [SSC]
Dr CHEUNG, Ting On Lewis 張定安 [SSC]
Dr CHOW, Sin Yin Alice 鄒倩賢 [SSC]
Dr WONG, Kwan Lam Gwendolyn 王韵琳 [SSC]
Dr CHENG, Nga Yee Irene 鄭雅儀 [GEO,SES]
Dr FOK, Lincoln 霍年亨 [SES]

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