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Mask Wearing Behaviors and Attitudes: Cultural and Individual Influences

In the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, different public norms regarding mask wearing have emerged across cultures. The public health efficacy of mask-wearing depends on more than the physical efficacy of masks themselves: Instead, it depends on social behavior—compliance and acceptance. How can we improve the social efficacy of masks for public health? Specifically, what facilitates mask acceptance in USA and Hong Kong, what discourages it, and how can we learn from one another to encourage more enthusiastic public acceptance and positive interpersonal/social effects (and therefore public health effects)?

Commencement Date : 2020/8
Completion Date : 2021/5
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr BUCHTEL, Emma Ellen Kathrina 蒲安梅 [CPH,PS]
Co-Investigator(s) : SONG, Priscilla *
WALLINE, Joseph *
Dr LI, Man Wai 李敏維 [CPH,PS]
Prof WOOD, Laurence James [CCA]
Keyword(s) : masks   art-science nexus   environment   attitudes   culture   COVID-19  

*Investigator from an outside institution/organization

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