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Feedback Matters to Achievement, but How it is Proceeded Psychologically by University Students to Harness its Sustainable Power? A Cross-Cultural Longitudinal Study

In search of the underlying mechanisms of feedback in influencing student achievement, this research cluster will bring together international higher education experts and researchers across three countries to explore students’ Feedback Orientations (FO) which is a psychological construct comprised of multiple feedback perceptions that collectively determine an individual students’ overall willingness and readiness to use the feedback (London & Smither, 2002; Yang, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022).

Commencement Date : 2021/6
Completion Date : 2023/6
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr YANG, Lan 楊蘭 [C&I,CSENIE]
Co-Investigator(s) : Dr LIANG, Yuan 梁源 [CHL]
Dr ZHANG, Ling 張凌 [CHL]
Dr LIAO, Xian 廖先 [CHL]
Dr ZHANG, Qiaoping 張僑平 [MIT]
Dr YAN, Zi 晏子 [ARC,C&I]
Dr YANG, Min 楊敏 [C&I]
Prof SIN, Kuen Fung 冼權鋒 [CSENIE,SEC]

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