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School Leaders' Perceptions of the New Senior Secondary Academic Structure (SSAS)

This small-scale qualitative study provides data on a vital aspect of curriculum reform: the perceptions of key stakeholders (the school leaders) in the central context of reforms (the schools). The study seeks to learn about the perceptions of school leaders toward NSSC reforms, with specific attention to their perceptions of the purposes of the reforms, the issues and dilemmas, and the strategies that are being adopted for moving forward. By analyzing school leaders’ perceptions of NSSC, the project provides insights into the factors that are shaping their decision-making. The analysis of the data leads to a number of valuable recommendations.

Commencement Date : 2007/1
Completion Date : 2008/4
Chief Investigator(s) : ADAMSON ROBERT DAMIAN 鮑勃 #
Co-Investigator(s) : Dr CHAN, Kin Sang, Jacqueline 陳健生 [C&I]
Dr LEUNG, Wai Lun, Anthony 梁偉倫 [C&I]
Prof LAW, Hau Fai, Edmond 羅厚輝 [C&I]
Dr YU, Wai Ming 余慧明 [C&I]
Dr LAM, Tak Shing, John 林德成 [C&I]

#Investigator who had served in EdUHK

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