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Japanese Anime and Manga in Liberal Studies Education: An Exploratory Study of 'Why and Why not' in Japan versus Hong Kong

The high value of Japanese anime (cartoon) and manga (comic) in teaching and learning is clearly recognized in Japan, including subjects related to liberal studies. Through examining the ideas, images, symbols, languages, beliefs and rituals represented in anime and manga, the proposed project aims at explaining why and how the knowledge and learning of Japanese students in liberal studies could be constructed and enhanced effectively. Although cartoon and comic is one of the most popular entertainments of Hong Kong teenagers, and Japanese products occupied the largest share in the market, anime and manga is less adopted by local schools in teaching and learning of liberal studies. Compare and contrast to the experience in Japan, the second aim of the proposed project is to explain why the success in Japan not happens in today’s Hong Kong.

Commencement Date : 2008/5
Completion Date : 2008/10
Chief Investigator(s) : Dr LAW, Kam Yee 羅金義 [SSC]

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