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Talking about Contemporary Art from China

Currently, few teachers possess the level of understanding to effectively teach contemporary Chinese art. In an era of cultural hybridity, when many reputable art institutions are becoming more awareness of contemporary art outside of the mainstream. Contemporary Chinese art has now achieved international recognition. This is the perfect timing for HKIED (VA) to serve and fulfill this interest in contemporary Chinese art, and to become the first Educational Institute to strongly promote and develop China contemporary art, from knowledge transfer to knowledge creation. The Project “Talking about Contemporary Art from China (seminar & workshop)” is a direct response to the increasing needs of art teachers and student teachers in understanding Chinese Contemporary Art. The Seminar and Workshop is designed to provide a clear (foundation) understanding of China Contemporary Art and the relationship between art object and the political, social and historical conditions. High profile arts personalities will be featured and focuses in interpretation of meaning. Attendees and participants will learn how the production and understanding of China contemporary art are influenced by ideas, materials and techniques from other areas. They will develop their research skills, learn to communicate knowledge with critical awareness, and eventually articulate an understanding of diverse contemporary Chinese art styles, as well as the function and value of Art in the Chinese cultures. They will also acquire the transferable skills necessary for a career in the academic and professional art worlds. Handouts/ booklets will be distributed during the seminar/workshop, to provide professional support to teachers (both student teachers and in- service teachers) in the development and implementation of teaching plans, such as accumulation of teaching materials, and benefit them from improving teaching.

Commencement Date : 2009/6
Completion Date : 2010/10
Chief Investigator(s) : DO JOSEPHINE KITTY 都佩儀 #
Co-Investigator(s) : NG MAU WAI 吳茂蔚 #
Keyword(s) : China Arts / art education  

#Investigator who had served in EdUHK

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