Project Details

The Affective Domain of Science Learning among Chinese School Pupils: Further Undertaking of the ROSE Project in Hong Kong and Mainland China

The project aims to undertake the pioneer work of collecting preliminary data on the affective domain of science learning among Chinese students for the international Relevance of Science Education (ROSE) project in Hong Kong and mainland China. Currently, we shall start to undertake the ROSE on a full-scale basis in Shanghai to inform (a) local and national education policymakers and other relevant stakeholders about the betterment of science curriculum reform and science teaching and (b) international science educators so that they gain a more complete picture of world-wide trends in science learning.

Commencement Date : 2008/7
Completion Date : 2009/10
Chief Investigator(s) : Prof YEUNG, Yau Yuen 楊友源 [SES]
Co-Investigator(s) : Prof CHENG, May Hung May 鄭美紅 [C&I,REG,VP(AC)&Pr]

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