Project Details

Anthologizing Heterophonies: A Critical Study of Anthologies of Tang Poetry in the Late Ming Period

The project aims at developing an innovative and critical approach to the secular poetics in the late Ming period through a study of the pastiche anthologies of Tang poetry of the time. The focus is on pastiche anthologies 1) which contain different and/or contradictory opinions, and 2) which assemble commentaries of different critics and/or rival schools into single compilations. This is to reveal 1) how pastiche anthologies combine and complicate unrelated or contradictory opinions, 2) how literary history and the canon were imparted from the upper to the lower class, and 3) how pastiches anthologies cultivate the secularized aesthetics.

Commencement Date : 2009/1
Completion Date : 2012/6
Chief Investigator(s) : Prof CHAN, Kwok Kou Leonard 陳國球 [LCS,RCCLLC]

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