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In Search of the “Lyrical Tradition”: The Conception of Lyricism in Modern Studies of Chinese Literature

The project aims at giving a pioneering insight into Chinese lyrical tradition through reviewing the to-date literature and tracking back the prototype and ongoing development of the tradition. The focus is on 1) what has been dis/agreed regarding the tradition, and 2) what, why, and how the preceding literary conception have influenced the conceptions of the three founders of the Chinese lyrical tradition. This to 1)reveal the process of the gradual development of the Chinese lyrical tradition, 2) propose a non-traditional way through which people can study Chinese literature, and 3) answer some controversial questions.

Commencement Date : 2009/6
Completion Date : 2013/3
Chief Investigator(s) : Prof CHAN, Kwok Kou Leonard 陳國球 [LCS,RCCLLC]


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