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Language Enhancement at EdUHK and Beyond: Fostering a Community of Practice on Technology-enhanced Language Learning and Teaching
WANG, Lixun 王立勛
This project intends to achieve the following objectives: 1). Identify creative and effective use of technologies in language learning and teaching (English / Cantonese / Putonghua / other modern languages); 2). Investigate how such technologies help . . .
Project Start Year : 2020  Chief Investigator(s) : WANG, Lixun 王立勛

Revamp of the corpus-based online pronunciation learning system and acoustic analysis of spoken learner corpus for Cantonese learners of Mandarin
CHEN, Hsueh Chu 陳雪珠
This project aims to revamp the existing corpus-based online pronunciation learning platform for Cantonese learners of Mandarine. .
Project Start Year : 2020  Chief Investigator(s) : CHEN, Hsueh Chu 陳雪珠

Second Language Learning of Kindergarteners and Primary School Students: What Parents and Schools should Know?
YEUNG, Siu Sze 楊少詩
1. To synergize expertise of team members to accelerate our contribution and impact in second language learning. 2. To strengthen current research collaboration among team members and benefit members through (a) sharing of datasets to facilitate rese . . .
Project Start Year : 2020  Chief Investigator(s) : YEUNG, Siu Sze 楊少詩

Small World of Words (Cantonese)
The small world of words project is a large-scale scientific study that aims to build a mental dictionary or lexicon in the major languages of the world and make this information widely available.
Project Start Year : 2020  Chief Investigator(s) : Simon de DEYNE

Strategic Development of the EdU Online Classes Platform (EOCP) for the Enhancement of Online Learning and Teaching in Local Schools
KONG, Siu Cheung 江紹祥
The project is a crisis management strategy for facing the sudden and big switch of teaching and learning mode in the educational sector. The project goal is to transform the crisis of the prolonged suspension of on-campus teaching and learning to be . . .
Project Start Year : 2020  Chief Investigator(s) : KONG, Siu Cheung 江紹祥 ; HUI, Yan Keung, John 許仁強

The Development of an Innovative Mobile Application “TransMap” for Enhancing Student Engagement and Learning Translation in Real-life Contexts
LIU, Fung Ming Christy 廖鳳明
This project aims to develop an innovative mobile application called “TransMap” that can not only foster the learning of translation anytime, anywhere in real-life contexts but also facilitate peer learning and cultural exchange.
Project Start Year : 2020  Chief Investigator(s) : LIU, Fung Ming Christy 廖鳳明

Toward a Research Cluster in Clinical Linguistics
The primary goal of this project is to promote interdisciplinary collaborations in clinical linguistics, with a focus on resolving challenges arising from language specific factors of Chinese, including both Mandarin and Cantonese. It is also the goa . . .
Project Start Year : 2020  Chief Investigator(s) : CHEUNG, Hin Tat 張顯達

A Comparative Study of Culture Education in ELT Textbooks – The Cases of Hong Kong and Mainland China
The project aims to examine the similarities and differences in culture representation in the ELT textbooks used in Hong Kong and mainland China.
Project Start Year : 2019  Chief Investigator(s) : LEE, Fung King Jackie 李鳳琼

A Database for Analyzing Clinical Data Collected from Children with Speech-language Disorders
The proposed database will form the major platform for the development of a clinical consortium for the study of speech-language disorder in Chinese children. Both regional and international researchers will be invited to join. This consortium will p . . .
Project Start Year : 2019  Chief Investigator(s) : CHEUNG, Hin Tat 張顯達

A Self-Regulated Vocabulary Learning Approach Supported by a Mobile-User-Generated-Content Tool for Pupils in Hong Kong
SONG, Yanjie 宋燕捷
This UGC GRF project aims at examining the effect of a self-regulated vocabulary approach leveraged by a mobile-user-generated-content (m-UGC) tool on learning outcomes, self-regulated learning awareness and learning processes. The approach integrate . . .
Project Start Year : 2019  Chief Investigator(s) : SONG, Yanjie 宋燕捷

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