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The Effects of Family Socialisation on Second-Generation South Asian Adolescents in Hong Kong: Academic Identity Construction and Second Language Learning
GU, Ming Yue Michelle 谷明月
This SCOLAR project aims to to investigate the impact of family socialisation on the acculturation, academic identity construction and Chinese language learning among South Asian adolescents in Hong Kong. This project explores the various influences . . .
Project Start Year : 2018  Chief Investigator(s) : GU, Ming Yue Michelle 谷明月

Building a Modern City: First-generation Chinese Architects in colonial Hong Kong, 1920s - 1950s
LAU, Leung Kwok Prudence 劉亮國
With the first group of overseas-educated Chinese architects returning to colonial Hong Kong in the 1920s-30s and establishing themselves as the pioneers of designing the modern city, this period witnessed the first signs of urban modernisation in Ho . . .
Project Start Year : 2016  Chief Investigator(s) : LAU, Leung Kwok Prudence 劉亮國

Core Competencies for the Twenty-First Century
The project explored core competencies for university graduates for the twenty-first century. Data were collected from university students and teachers in China, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
Project Start Year : 2009  Chief Investigator(s) : MOK MAGDALENA MO CHING 莫慕貞

The Role of Mathematics and Chinese Language in Driving Achievement Growth: What Drives What? A Latent Growth Curve Study
The study aims to (1) Develop models of growth in the curriculum subjects of Mathematics and Chinese Language for Hong Kong students over the course of six years, from Primary 3 (i.e., Grade 3) to Secondary 3 (i.e., Grade 9); (2) Examine the effects . . .
Project Start Year : 2016  Chief Investigator(s) : MOK MAGDALENA MO CHING 莫慕貞

The Role of Social Cognition in Support Provision and Adjustment in Cancer Caregiving: A Longitudinal Analysis
HOU, Wai Kai 侯維佳
Advances in treatment have substantially prolonged the lifespan of people with cancer. As cancer care shifts from hospitals to home or community settings, family caregivers face the difficulty of providing various kinds of support. They also shoulder . . .
Project Start Year : 2012  Chief Investigator(s) : HOU, Wai Kai 侯維佳

Aggressive Youth in Hong Kong: Subtypes, Neuropsychological Risk and Intervention
POON, Kei Yan 潘紀恩
Exhibiting aggression in adolescence is associated with a wide array of negative outcomes including academic failure, social maladjustment, drug abuse and delinquency. One of the best candidates for explaining these associations is executive function . . .
Project Start Year : 2018  Chief Investigator(s) : POON, Kei Yan 潘紀恩

Revised Assessment Program for Affective & Social Outcomes (R-APASO)
The project of R-APASO aims to provide a system of valid and reliable assessment tools to support Hong Kong primary and secondary schools in conducting self-evaluation on the student performance in the affective and social outcomes (APASO). The syste . . .
Project Start Year : 2008  Chief Investigator(s) : MOK MAGDALENA MO CHING 莫慕貞

Aging, Rejuvenation and Environment in Chinese and European Early Modern Literature
This project seeks to examine the theoretical and pragmatic aspects of how faculty in universities in Hong Kong and Chicago can use Early Modern literature to encourage students to consider topics such as, aging, rejuvenation and the environment in a . . .
Project Start Year : 2019  Chief Investigator(s) : Frederick A. De Armas

Alternative Media as Leverage for Civil Society: Implications on Hong Kong Politics
With In-media ( as a critical and revelatory case study, this exploratory, descriptive and explanatory research aims at revealing the intricate relations between alternative media and civil society in Hong Kong political arena in th . . .
Project Start Year : 2010  Chief Investigator(s) : YUNG LOCK, BETTY 容樂

The Oral and Documentary History of the Relations between British Hong Kong and Taiwan, 1949-97
LAW, Kam Yee 羅金義
The relations with Taiwan has always been one of the most important external affairs of Hong Kong, given the crucial intermediary role under the reality of cross-Strait relations. Funded by the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust, this project will explore Ho . . .
Project Start Year : 2018  Chief Investigator(s) : LAW, Kam Yee 羅金義

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