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"Teaching and Community Engagement Towards Sustainable Educational Equity Efforts in New York City"
This research project will be a study of educational spaces in school communities that work on issues of educational equity. This project aims to understand ways in which youth, families, and community entities can collaborate to enact and sustain s . . .
Project Start Year : 2011  Chief Investigator(s) : CHANG BENJAMIN JOHNSON

Civil Engagement through Religion among Chinese University Students
ZHAO, Zhenzhou 趙振洲
The proposed project aims to explore whether and how university students' embracement of religions relates to civic engagement in China.
Project Start Year : 2012  Chief Investigator(s) : ZHAO, Zhenzhou 趙振洲

Understanding Chinese Students' Attitudes to Citizenship: Adapting the International Civic and Citizenship Education Study for Use in Mainland China
The aims of this study are to: • Develop a version of the ICCS 2009 survey that will be acceptable to Mainland authorities; • Trial the revised survey instrument and assess its psychometric properties; • Develop a sampling frame for large scale ad . . .
Project Start Year : 2012  Chief Investigator(s) : CHONG, King Man Eric 莊璟珉

Civic Engagement, Higher Education, and Learning for Citizenship: The Experience of University Students in Hong Kong
PAN, Suyan 潘甦燕
This project proposes to investigate the impact of civic engagement on university students’ learning of citizenship in the context of Hong Kong.
Project Start Year : 2016  Chief Investigator(s) : PAN, Suyan 潘甦燕

Computer-mediated Composition Pedagogy: Engagement in Popular Music and Classical Music (Dean's Research Prize)
CHEN, Chi Wai 陳智偉
This empirical study examines the engagement in composing popular music and classical music by post-pre retrospective assessment of 44 Hong Kong secondary students within a computer-mediated composition environment in collaboration with Simon Fraser . . .
Project Start Year : 2017  Chief Investigator(s) : CHEN, Chi Wai 陳智偉

Higher Education, Citizenship, and Academic Values Across Cultures: Experience from Hong Kong and Beijing
PAN, Suyan 潘甦燕
Despite living in the two different socio-political contexts of Hong Kong and Beijing, scholars and college students in both cities have expressed their strong sense of civic duty and concern over socio-political and economic issues and the developme . . .
Project Start Year : 2014  Chief Investigator(s) : PAN, Suyan 潘甦燕

Post Anti-National Education and Occupy Movement in Hong Kong: Characteristics of National Education in the Perceptions of Hong Kong Secondary School Civic Education Teachers GRF18604317
This GRF project investigates the perception of secondary school civic education teachers on national identity and national education. Mixed methods will be used and this project aims at contributing to scholalry understanding on how do teachers perc . . .
Project Start Year : 2018  Chief Investigator(s) : CHONG, King Man Eric 莊璟珉

Engagement of Immigrant and Minority Students with Schools and Civil Society
This project aims at 1) examining the nature of engagement of minority and immigrant students with school and civic society, 2) comparing the similarities and differences between the nature of school and civic engagement among the different student g . . .
Project Start Year : 2012  Chief Investigator(s) : YUEN YUET MUI, CELESTE 袁月梅

Who am I? Narrative Identity of Chinese Late Adolescents in the Context of Social Movements
XU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇
Two issues relating to young people have come up in the recent social movements in Hong Kong since June 2019: (1) a high percentage of participants in the recent social movements are young people and (2) the differentiation exists between Hong Kong l . . .
Project Start Year : 2020  Chief Investigator(s) : XU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇

Minority Parent Engagement in Hong Kong Secondary Schools: Capabilities for Social Justice (R3799)
Little is known about minority parent engagement in Hong Kong, much less at the secondary education level. Yet, an in-depth understanding of it is crucial for teacher education, school practices and education policy to be equitable, inclusive, and be . . .
Project Start Year : 2017  Chief Investigator(s) : MANZON MARIA ILUMINADA ESQUIVEL 馬麗明

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