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Art for Severely Disabled Children At Home
This project aimed to nurture CCA BEd(VA) students (visual arts education) and SEC BEd(Special Needs) students (Special Needs Education) work together to support the knowledge transfer of Visual Arts for severely disabled children at home by Mr Icema . . .
Project Start Year : 2013  Chief Investigator(s) : LEUNG HOI YUNG 梁海勇

"Teaching and Community Engagement Towards Sustainable Educational Equity Efforts in New York City"
This research project will be a study of educational spaces in school communities that work on issues of educational equity. This project aims to understand ways in which youth, families, and community entities can collaborate to enact and sustain s . . .
Project Start Year : 2011  Chief Investigator(s) : CHANG BENJAMIN JOHNSON

Trend of Hiring Foreign Domestic Helpers at Home in Hong Kong, 1981-2011
By analyzing 1% and 5% Public Use Micro-data from the Census and By-Census of Hong Kong between 1981-2011, this study will explore the socioeconomic patterns of those families who hire domestic helpers at home, and investigate the patterns by the nat . . .
Project Start Year : 2015  Chief Investigator(s) : CHEUNG KA LOK, ADAM 張家樂

The importance of social capital – Can a networking scheme conquer social exclusion of children from low income families?
The aim of the research project described herein is to explore how quality social networking can help underprivileged children alleviate social exclusion as well as enhance their own capacity to extend social network. The impact of children networkin . . .
Project Start Year : 2014  Chief Investigator(s) : TSOI KWOK HO 蔡國豪

Application of Mindfulness Training in a Family-based Intervention for Improving Stress Responses and Child Adjustment in Economic Disadvantaged Families
The study investigates the effectiveness of a family-based mindfulness intervention for promoting early child development
Project Start Year : 2015  Chief Investigator(s) : LO, Hay-ming Herman

Professional and Parental Understanding for Equity in Dual Language Education of Project PUEDE: An Indiana Scale up of Dual Language Education
The project aims to 1. Increase the number and quality of pre- and in-service dual language bilingual education teachers through Purdue's English Language Learner teacher licensure program, Dual Language Bilingual Education (DLBE) graduate certificat . . .
Project Start Year : 2018  Chief Investigator(s) : Morita-Mullaney, Patricia M

The early development of children from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Do our children need early intervention?
Cross-national studies of achievement have documented the existence of wide and persistent gaps in the academic attainment of students from low and high socioeconomic status (SES) families all over the world. By the time children enter school there i . . .
Project Start Year : 2011  Chief Investigator(s) : Ip Patrick

The Effect of a 12-Month Intervention Program on the Vocabulary and Phonological Awareness of Kindergarten Children from Low-Income Families
Accumulated language and literacy research has shown that children’s oral vocabulary status and their level of phonological awareness (PA; i.e., ability to attend to and manipulate phonemes in words) are predictive of their future reading success in . . .
Project Start Year : 2011  Chief Investigator(s) : WONG KWOK SHING, RICHARD 黃國成

No Heritage Found on the Map: The Vanishing Villages of Hong Kong
Twenty years after its 1997 handover back to China Hong Kong remains a unique place on the world’s stage. British colonialism has left many enduring marks on Hong Kong identity as well as on its physical landscape. One of the most peculiar, and contr . . .
Project Start Year : 2020  Chief Investigator(s) : MCMASTER, Scott

Supporting Unit for Special Educational Needs
SIN, Kuen Fung 冼權鋒
The early identification and early intervention for kids with special educational needs were the heated issues in the preschool settings. With donation from The Swire Charitable Trust (10 million) in the year 2016 to 2019, Centre for Special Educatio . . .
Project Start Year : 2016  Chief Investigator(s) : SIN, Kuen Fung 冼權鋒

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