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Educational Provision for Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong: Meeting the Challenges of the Proposed Racial Discrimination Bill 香港小數族裔學童的教育服務:面對提倡反種族歧視草案帶來的挑戰
KENNEDY, Kerry John 甘國臻
This research will investigate current educational provision for ethnic minority students in Hong Kong's schools in the light of the proposed Bill. It will use a 'macro-micro' approach that acknowledges the importance of different levels of policy ma . . .
Project Start Year : 2006  Chief Investigator(s) : KENNEDY, Kerry John 甘國臻

An Analysis of Indigenous School Students’ Aspirations with Regard to their Schooling and Further Study and of Indigenous Parents with Regard to their Children’s Further Education and their Own Further Studies
(DETYA EIP: $101,100, 2001-2002)
Project Start Year : 2001  Chief Investigator(s) : Craven, R. ; HALSE CHRISTINE MARGARET ; Marsh, H. ; Wilson-Miller, J. (Powerhouse Museum) ; Mason, T. ; Munns, G. ; Vickers, M.

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