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An Evaluation Study on the Implementation of the Physical Education Curriculum
The study was a competitive tendered research project initiated by the Education Bureau. The major research question of the study was “to what extent PE panel chairpersons and teachers understand the framework and key emphases of the central PE curri . . .
Project Start Year : 2010  Chief Investigator(s) : LI CHUNG 李宗

How Educational Policy Supports Low SES Students' Academic Achievement: Students' Experiences
CHOI, Tae Hee 崔太僖
The project is an exploratory case study that aims to understand whether and how education policy has supported low SES students’ academic achievement, drawing on the learning and teaching experiences of stakeholders in schools in Hong Kong. In explo . . .
Project Start Year : 2019  Chief Investigator(s) : CHOI, Tae Hee 崔太僖

In Local Exclusivity Lies Global Inclusion – The Relational Ontology of Asylum-Seekers and Refugees and Local Community in a Post-Colonial Hong Kong Village
The project examines the relationship between the local community and the asylumseekers and refugees in post colonial Hong Kong, in particular how the local community receives and interacts with this marginalized group, a currently understudied topic . . .
Project Start Year : 2019  Chief Investigator(s) : NG, Fung Sheung Isabella 伍鳳嫦

Seed Funding for Knowledge Transfer Scheme (SFKTS): STEM Education, Coding Education, Computational Thinking
According to the EDB document, it said, “it is necessary to strengthen the ability of students to integrate and apply their knowledge and skills across different subject disciplines through solving daily life problems with practical solutions and inn . . .
Project Start Year : 2016  Chief Investigator(s) : WONG KA WAI, GARY 黃家偉

Conducting a survey on Bicycle parking for Tai Po District Council
In view of the serious problems arising from illegal bicycle parking in Tai Po, the district council commissioned the HKIEd to conduct a survey on the current situation of bicycle parking in tai Po with a view to iron out possible means to solve the . . .
Project Start Year : 2010  Chief Investigator(s) : TSANG, Po Keung Eric 曾寶強

Study on equal learning opportunities for students with special educational needs under the integrated education system
SIN, Kuen Fung 冼權鋒
The project was commissioned and funded by Equal Opportunities Commission. The objectives of the research are as follows: (1)To conduct a literature review on the existing studies on the subject of integrated inclusive special education of students w . . .
Project Start Year : 2010  Chief Investigator(s) : SIN, Kuen Fung 冼權鋒

Educational Experiences, Family Relationships and Sense of Belonging: Cross-border Primary School Children Commuters
In recent years, there has been a high increase in school children commuting from Shenzhen to Hong Kong (HK) for schooling. These children with the right of abode in HK are residing in the Mainland but studying in HK. In the past, due to the quota re . . .
Project Start Year : 2012  Chief Investigator(s) : CHAN, Kit Wa Anita 陳潔華

HKJC Youth Sports Development Programme through Empowering Coaching
LEUNG, Ka Man 梁家文
- To promote motivational encouraging environment for youth to participate in sports through education training for coaches and stakeholders in youth sports.
Project Start Year : 2021  Chief Investigator(s) : LEUNG, Ka Man 梁家文

Empowering Local School Teachers' Capabilities in Responding to COVID-19-Related Legal Issues Through Experiential Learning
The project has impacted the target non-academic sector (i.e. local school teachers) with deepened understanding on general common law concepts and strengthened capabilities to cope with COVID-19 related legal issues through experiential learning. By . . .
Project Start Year : 2021  Chief Investigator(s) : Dr Richard Wai Sang WU

International Study of School Autonomy, Leadership and Learning: Hong Kong Education Reforms
CHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥
This research is the Hong Kong part of an international and comparative study of school autonomy, leadership and learning involving 7 education systems functioning in Australia, Canada (Alberta), England, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel and Singapore. The . . .
Project Start Year : 2014  Chief Investigator(s) : CHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥

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